Exterior Cladding Technology

Exterior Cladding Technology

The ventilated façade system is the most effective technology to solve protection problems against moisture and weather and at the same time, thermal-acoustic insulation.

The sustainable development and the application of technology in construction in response to the environmental crisis has allowed to generate new construction finishes. The ventilated façades are one of these solutions because they help to protect buildings against atmospherical, acoustic and thermic effects, without the necessity to interfere with the internal construction finishes.

The technology behind the ventilated façades

The ventilated façade has three layers that provoke a continuous process of natural ventilation.

1. Thermal isolation applied to the outside curtain wall.
2. Substructure that supports the outer lining.
3. Exterior face separated from the insulating layer by a cavity of several centimeters of depth.

The outer lining or layer provides the greatest protection against wind and water, while the cavity diffuses the steam from inside out, creating a chimney effect.

Ventilated façade system, Costa Rica

Reasons to choose the ventilated façade

The ventilated façade is a highly breathable wall protection system that allows moisture produced by buildings to diffuse outwards.

Structurally, the flow of air through the cavity helps eliminate moisture accumulation, preventing mold and prolonging the life of the elements.

In addition, it limits the entry of atmospheric agents and pollutants that are responsible for the degradation of the constructive works.

Buildings absorb less heat from the solar radiation through the exterior façade and the air cavity, while in cold weather, ventilated walls, on the contrary, retain heat, generating an energy benefit according to climatic needs.

Another advantage is that these ventilated walls are able to reduce the external noise that normally comes from vehicles, improving the comfort of its occupants.

Ventilated façades around the world

The exterior cladding has great acceptance by architecture firms around the world because of the aesthetic possibilities they offer, ranging from metallic, natural and wood finishes, among many others.

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