A world of metal with architectural meshes

A world of metal with architectural meshes

Architectural meshes or wire meshes are an innovative product for construction finishes, ideal for creating artistic applications. Their versatility allows the designers to play with the shapes and surfaces of buildings, creating varied visual effects in multiple textures, volumes and shapes.

An architectural mesh allows to cover large areas and the fixing systems are studied according to their specifications.

The models of metallic fabrics can be made in different materials and finishes like stainless steel, aluminum, bronze or brass, which, depending on them, create an optical effect by the inclination of the light and the perspective of the observer, going from being opaque to semi-transparent.

Metallic fabrics for construction, Costa Rica

In cases where architectural meshes are combined with glass, they contribute to the opening of the space as well as with the lighting and natural ventilation, because when they are used as facades allow to indicate the separation that the structure of the building or glass will have.

Advantages of architectural meshes

• They favor sound insulation
• Minimum maintenance effort
• Act as sun protection elements
• Give originality to buildings

Finishing material for construction

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