Qbiss OneWall System

Developed in response to architectural and design demands.

QBiss one is distinguished by its unique and patented rounded corner element, which eliminates the need to cut, weld, or fold the panel which is so often an area of weakness, failure and eventual discoloration on traditional metal rainscreens.

The prefabricated element is comprised of two galvanised and pre-finished steel sheets (internally 0.5 or 0.6 mm thick and externally 0.7 mm thick). The pre-finished steel sheets are bonded to the core, which is made of non-combustible mineral wool. All three layers make a solid element of thickness ranging 80 – 250 mm.

The wall system’s main components are:

  • Modular façade elements
  • Fixing and sealing material
  • Architectural performance details
  • Corner elements
  • Adjustable substructure (optional)
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Qbiss One system advantages

  • Qbiss One features a unique rounded corner, which is formed in a simple operation eliminating any cuts, folds or welds. State-of-the-art production techniques ensure exceptional element flatness.
  • Qbiss One elements are self-spanning with no requirement for secondary support sections. Maximum element span is 6.5 metres.
  • All elements are prefabricated and produced on an automated, robotic production line. The prefabrication process saves time and the cost of construction on site.
  • The integral non-combustible insulation forms a continuous blanket throughout the envelope system ensuring no direct cold bridges and excellent acoustic insulation.
  • The full exterior metal wall system, including integrated windows, is tested to CWCT standards ensuring an air- and water-tight envelope.

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