Ventilated façades

Ventilated façade system designed for the outside cladding of frontages through attachment to a metallic substructure by means of anchoring fixtures such as clamps or horizontal guides.

Its exclusive design is an assurance of the firmest attachment to the structure without the need for additional cutting or drilling that might weaken it. They are extremely hard, light, highly resistant and long-lasting, with low water absorption and excellent performance against weather and environmental conditions.

Thermal advantages of ventilated façades:

  • Insulating material applied on the exterior face of the wall or floor.
  • Energy saving by providing thermal mass to the building, achieving an increase in thermal inertia.
  • The coating acts as a screen, reflecting the solar radiation and thus preventing it from penetrating the building.

Functional and constructive advantages of ventilated façades:

  • Great strength and durability
  • Replacement of independent tiles
  • Excellent stability of the ceramic coating, without the risk of fissures or landslides
  • Easy cleaning
  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Protection against the weather
  • Elimination of condensation on the inside of the wall

We offer exclusive designs that adapt to the most innovative needs and the most special environments: finishes in semi-precious stones, exotic woods, volcanic stones and others. In turn, we advise on how to choose the most suitable finish to dress your façade.

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