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INSTALACIONES TECNOLÓGICAS INSTATEC S.A. it´s a company founded in 2002 whose objective is to improve the quality of services focused on specialized construction finishes.



We have more than 15 years of experience in the construction market and specialized workers able to achieve tasks efficiently and with the highest quality. The quality and satisfaction of each of our customers are our reason for being.

We offer:

  • Suspended ceilings in mineral fiber.
  • Wood and metal ceilings.
  • Expansion joints.
  • Vinyl floors that supply different needs and applications with a high range of colors and designs.
  • Solar control systems from important manufacturers.
  • Lightweight systems.

Tarkett flooring certification

The beginning of our company


Our history goes back to 2002 when we started our adventure with only three workers. We started committed to quality, responsibility and transparency, understanding the need of construction suppliers to have qualified workers to install their products.

Over time projects realized with efficiency and within the budget have positioned us as a reliable and serious option for our customers, generating an important growth curve in our activities, meanwhile the handling of avant-garde materials and specialized finishes for construction, are the most important part of our company, generating great satisfaction in each one of our customers, suppliers and collaborators.

When we started our company we installed suspended ceilings and vinyl floors. Today, with a curve that grows and decreases between 50 and 300 workers, we carry out projects throughout Costa Rica, diversifying our services and perfectly complementing the works that demand great variety and control of everything.

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Our reason to be

Our philosophy

Every day we make efforts to provide quality and meet the needs of all our customers.

We are a company that provides finishes and systems for construction thanks to the commitment of our workers, giving our effort to provide a quality service that always exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Lead the construction finishes market, with technological processes and tools that exceed the expectations of our customers.

  • Excellence: We focus on providing services and products under high quality standards to guarantee the success of the projects.
  • Efficiency: We are committed to meet the objectives of each project with the least amount of possible resources, using the highest quality standards in finishes construction technologies.
  • Honesty: Instatec S.A. is committed to always act with rectitude, justice and truthfulness, to comply with the correct procedure in the performance of its duties and in all its acts.
  • Teamwork: As a team we seek to unify forces, complement skills and share knowledge in pursuit of proposed objectives.
  • Loyalty: To develop relationships of trust between clients, suppliers and collaborators in a reciprocal and constant way. We promote a business commitment to quality, supported by internal control systems to ensure success in all business activities and actions.

Our customers are our reason for being.

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    INSTALACIONES TECNOLÓGICAS INSTATEC S.A.. with more than 15 years as experts in construction finishes.
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