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The combination of different high quality materials is the key to achieve perfect and functional spaces for your needs.

The market offers specific solutions for all kinds of spaces so our objective, as leaders of the finishing market in Costa Rica, is to advise you on the requirements for each of them.

Our specialty is to support you so your construction project has efficient, inexpensive and functional systems.

Lightweight systems
(walls and ceilings)

We offer lightweight walls and ceilings that range from exclusive spaces to special applications for stores and offices.

These are highly sustainable and ultralight construction and finishing products with resistance to moisture, fire and mold.

The walls and ceilings of the best brands in the market can be simple or decorative providing aesthetics and functionality to all kinds of projects.


Suspended ceilings

We specialize in mineral fiber and fiberglass ceilings, translucent ceilings made of metal and wood that have different characteristics such as:

  • Sound adsorption
  • Reflectance of light
  • Anti-humidity
  • Good performance against fire
  • Anti-seismic
  • Excellent aesthetics and design

Other benefits:

  • Acoustic solutions for exposed structures.
  • Noise control and design flexibility with special ceilings.
  • Absorption and blocking of sound to create quieter spaces.


Beauty and durability are the main characteristics of vinyl flooring which simulate wood and natural stone, as well as granite, concrete and slate.

Vinyl floorings are a non-slip product for indoor and outdoor installations perfect for wet areas, ramps or entrances. They also work for sports or fitness floors hospitals and industrial areas.

They are easy to maintain and have a non-slip surface that provides excellent traction, cushioning, and sound adsorption. We have available a variety of colors and the best brands of vinyl floorings in the market.


Sun control

Solar control systems are designed to control the entry of light into enclosures and optimize the use of artificial lighting, they are installable both in new works and remodeling.

Designed for institutional, commercial and residential projects, both in interior and exterior applications.

We offer solar control systems in wood, which provides greater warmth and elegance to the design, as well as metal and aluminum, with a wide variety of colors and finishes.

We have the different brands of solar control systems available in the market.



We install metal, solid plastic, stainless steel and phenolic core partitions, which incorporate all the necessary features to produce a rigid, solid and durable installation. The toilet partitions can be fire, graffiti and corrosion resistant.

We have a variety of colors.

Vinil skirting

Vinyl skirting prevents contraction and antistatic expansion, does not crack, provides lasting protection and is resistant to wear or abrassion, dents and scratches.

Vinyl skirting guarantees a comfortable fit for curved walls, corners and columns, as well as simulating a sculpted and painted wooden base, ideal for remodeling or new constructions in commercial, institutional or hotel environments.

We have the different brands available in the market.


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